May Metal Mayhem
Breakout Band Showcase 4
Breakout Band Showcase 3
Offensive, Ritualistic, Inferious
Silvertung, Six Gun Riot, Jay Powell Band, Stricken
Brass Knuckle Union / Dead Man / Throne Room
Wildstreet / Race The Rat / Metalkrew
The Sweet Life / Trailheads / Secondhand / Ash the Artist
Breakout Band Showcase 2
Audio Facade
Ignite The Fire, The New Mutiny, Nero's Fiddle
Battle Of The Badass Bands 2
Below 7, Last Among Equals, Promising Leith
Shotgun Shiver, Rhymes With Bucket
Betrayer / Deadculture / Degrader / Dead friends
Wright Live Acoustic Cafe
The Sweet Life / Blue Hour / IAMZOMBI3
Into The Willows / Marshal Fuzz / Cross The Sea
Velcrohm Takes Over Granny's
Rebel Soul (Kid Rock Tribute) / Spider Rockets / Metal Shedd
Magg Dylan / Half Heard Voices / Phantom Hourglass
Breakout Band Showcase 1
Sons of Liberty
Reluctant Zero / TBA /TBA
Any Given Sin / Apollo's Prophecy / TBA
Unchained / River Wood / TBA
The Bass Club
New Year's Eve Bash Hosted By That Damn Band
Iron Lion Reggae New Year's Eve Jam
New Year's Eve: Hosted By DEFSTAR
Azure Wolf / A Little Too Serious / Lawn Tiger
Wright Live Acoustic Cafe: Bad Habits Bar And Grill
Wright Live Acoustic Cafe - Granny's
Finding Dimes Annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party
Trapp Hill Collision / XII X Dead / Max Redding
Charm City Devils / Finding Dimes / Indianhead
Teresa's Winter Wonderland Birthday Bash
Friday The 13th Part 2! Betrayer's Revenge
Azure Wolf / A Little Too Serius / Buzzards Glory
Magg Dylan / Reign of Z / Phalanx
DJ Calloway @ Bad Habits Bar and Grill
Ashes Of Everest / Ritualistic / Goblinhymen / Arsena
Black Friday Oldschool Party Hosted By Defstar
Trapp Hill Collision, Half Past Dead, Mr. Grizzley
Defstar Hosts The Night Before Thanksgiving Jam!
Battle of the bands! ft. The Sweet Life
Godsmack'd / Metalkrew / Throne Room
Cursor/ Metal Shedd / Night's Edge/ Cyrenic

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